6 Best Microcurrent Devices Worth Every Penny


A popular way for skin care lovers to up their at-home beauty game is to invest in devices to add some extra oomph to their everyday regime. I am always looking for the latest gadgets to mimic a high-end facial experience in the comfort of my home. Tools that were once relegated to a dermatologist’s or aesthetician’s office, like an LED light mask, are now much more accessible and convenient.

One such item, the microcurrent facial toning device, is growing in popularity — and I regret to inform you that these pricey gadgets are worth the splurge.

Designed to help contour, tighten and tone facial skin, these anti-aging devices, which send a current of energy into the skin, are not just a passing fad or gimmick. Dr. Brooke Jeffy, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based board-certified dermatologist, told HuffPost that “the purpose of these devices is to strengthen and tone the muscles of the face to increase volume and give a more youthful appearance. These devices also claim to improve circulation and enhance energy delivery to boost collagen and elastin.”

I can confirm that with dedication and consistency (I’m talking near-daily use), microcurrent devices leave my face feeling positively snatched. I’ve long been concerned about my impending jowls, and now feel confident that I will at least be able to fend them off for quite some time.

Jeffy noted that these devices are safe for most people, with minimal risk, but that there are some individuals who should steer clear. According to her, “because these devices emit electrical current, if you have a pacemaker or other implantable electric device, I would avoid.” Additionally, she recommends that those with epilepsy, seizures, a history of cancer or who are pregnant should consult with their doctor prior to using. Luckily, since no heat is emitted, she believes that these devices are safe for those with melasma or hyperpigmentation-prone skin.

Below, I’ve rounded up a few of the best microcurrent devices on the market. This particular skin care item is on the pricier side, requiring a sizable commitment and financial investment, and the last thing you want to do is invest in a less-effective version. With the exception of one, they all require the use of a conductive gel to keep your skin safe. You can use each individual brand’s gel or just slap on a generous amount of regular aloe gel, as I do. Take a look below to find the one that best fits your needs and price point and take years off your face in just under 10 minutes a day.

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NuFace Trinity toning device

The Nuface Trinity has long been the device that board-certified dermatologist and founder of skin care brand BTWN, Dr. Brooke Jeffy, recommends to her patients who are interested in adding microcurrent therapy to their regimen. This device has gained near-cult status in recent years, with devotees swearing by its facial toning prowess (myself included). It’s an FDA-cleared microcurrent device that claims to gently stimulate the face and neck in an effort to tone, lift and contour facial muscles and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles. You can purchase various additional attachments, like a red light wrinkle reducer and lip and eye wand, but I’ve been using it on its own. It has five different intensity levels, so you can work your way up if you find it to be a bit too strong at first. The device itself is not unlike a gua sha tool in that it provides facial and lymphatic massage that, as board-certified dermatologist Emily Wise noted in a previous post about gua sha efficacy, can stimulates blood flow and boost circulation. Not only does the act of using it feel soothing and luxurious, but my skin is loving the combination of microcurrent and massage. Immediately post-use, my skin is glowy, taut and visibly less puffy. I’m especially impressed with how effectively it carves out my jawline and cheekbones. It’s hands down my favorite of all the devices I’ve tried.


Solawave four-in-one Radiant Renewal wand

The Solawave wand is primarily known for its LED light prowess, but it’s actually a versatile and multifunctional face tool. This portable four-in-one wand uses microcurrent, facial massage, red light therapy and therapeutic warmth technology that promises to reduce the look of wrinkles, dark circles, discoloration and acne while also depuffing the skin. It’s great for anyone who wants a small, lightweight and discreet device that can be easily transported and stored. It’s also the most affordable of the bunch.


TheraFace Pro

This multitasking beauty tool from the makers of TheraGun comes with six different attachments so you can customize your beauty routine depending on what you need most. That includes three percussive attachments — one flat, one micro-point and the other cone-shaped. Each delivers deep, yet appropriately gentle, percussive massage straight to your tired facial muscles. In addition, a microcurrent ring can help firm and brighten skin, an LED light treatment attachment aims to fight acne and signs of aging and a deep cleansing ring keeps skin squeaky clean. You can also purchase two other attachments, a cold ring and a hot ring, separately. While I find the microcurrent attachment to be strong and soothing, the prongs are smaller and closer together than the NuFace, so you don’t get the same gua sha-like immediate contouring and de-puffing effect. This is a great investment for anyone who wants a really effective, powerful multitasking tool, but if microcurrent is your only aim and you don’t necessarily need percussive or light therapy, then it might not be for you.


Ziip Halo

Of all the microcurrent devices I’ve tried, the Ziip has the strongest and most noticeably powerful microcurrent pulse. I feel the sensation much more intensely when I use the Ziip than with the NuFace. It’s a super-targeted treatment that uses both nanocurrent and microcurrent frequencies. That said, the prongs are farther apart and don’t give you the same immediate lymphatic drainage effect that I love from the NuFace. I get the sense that in the long term, this may be the most effective microcurrent device of the bunch. There’s a reason it’s beloved by celebs and skin care devotees alike.


Foreo Bear mini

Consider this Foreo Bear mini your mid-price option in the world of microcurrent devices. It’s a great model for someone just looking to dip their toes into the microcurrent waters, and it would make a great stocking stuffer. It has three levels of intensity so you can customize it to your own needs and tolerance levels and is available in two cute colors.


NuFace NuBody microcurrent device set

Add this one to my holiday wishlist; I’m beyond intrigued to try the effects of microcurrent on the rest of my body. This harnesses the power of NuFace and gives you all the same benefits as the facial device — toning, lifting and smoothing — but on the rest of your physique. It can even help to target sagging skin, dimples and wrinkles on your booty, legs, arms, tummy and more. If you’re curious, grab one now while it’s 25% off at Nordstrom.

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