90% of passengers getting their luggage now within 30 minutes: Ministry of Civil Aviation


DELHI: The baggage delivery time at six major airports has improved significantly in the last four months, with more than 90% of the passengers getting their baggage within 30 minutes of an aircraft landing, said the ministry of civil aviation (MoCA) on Tuesday.

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, under the aegis of MoCA, had undertaken an exercise to enhance the baggage delivery system of the domestic airlines in the six major airports of India, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

As per the global standards prescribed by IATA (International Air Transport Association), as well as Schedule 3 of the OMDA (Operation, Management and Development Agreement) with airports, baggage should be delivered to passengers within 30% of the arrival of the aircraft.

The exercise started on 14/01/24. It was found that only 62.2% (as on January 14, 2024) of the passengers were getting their baggage within IATA-prescribed timelines.

“A root cause analysis was undertaken jointly by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security, along with all domestic airlines. Post the above exercise, an overhaul and upgradation in equipment, services and monitoring was put in place to speed up baggage delivery. After two months of evaluation, it can be concluded through latest findings that there has been a marked increase in the percentage of baggage complying with the globally accepted prescribed limit. From 62.2% of passengers getting on-time baggage delivery in the January, the number increased to more than 90% from March 2024 onwards,” said MoCA in a statement.

It added that the percentages of bags arriving within 30 minutes has reached a high of 92.5% in May 2024.

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