A massive Madden 24 contract request forces community debate


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In the real NFL, quarterbacks get paid a lot of money, and a recent Madden 24 contract request has players realizing that the same is true, perhaps even more so, in the game. When QBs come to the cusp of free agency, they want a lot if they’re good. Given how Madden QBs get better every year, by the time their rookie deal expires, they’re going to be expensive. One Madden player found out just how expensive and it got the community talking.

Madden 24 contract request has gamers playing GM

In the real NFL, a reckoning is coming sooner or later. Just this last offseason, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts, and Joe Burrow set the record for the biggest contract in NFL history. All three of them set the record and it likely won’t stand forever. Mega contracts are shelled out for QBs with surprising frequency.

Teams are eventually going to see how difficult it is to build a full NFL team with a quarterback on such an expensive deal, and one Madden 24 player is beginning to wonder how he’s supposed to do that with what his quarterback wants.

Image via u/FitzChan on Reddit

u/FitzChan posted to Reddit an unreal Madden 24 contract request. They had drafted Jayden Daniels, the reigning Heisman winner and a likely 2024 first-round pick, and he evolved into a 99 OVR X-Factor, but he wanted to be re-signed for $394 million total over seven seasons.

This got the community talking about what to do in this situation, which is a very real spot many NFL teams find themselves in. u/Spartanviper127 said, “Either sell the farm and trade away players with 2 or 3 years left with heavy bonuses/renegotiate players to put the bigger part of their cap hits to the end of their contracts, or start scouting for a new QB.”

u/triptoutsounds admitted, “I find its hard to keep QB’s once they reach 90+ over. So expensive.” The contract Daniels wanted was for $56 million a year, which would make him the highest-paid player in NFL history. At 99 OVR and just 26 years old, it’s very difficult to disagree with his request, even if it’s going to set a team back.

Another user suggested restructuring other contracts to try and save cap space elsewhere. It’s difficult to let such a player walk, but it’s also very difficult to shell out that massive contract. u/johnbobdaviddick said that it’s what’s happening in the present day NFL with Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs.

u/Highwayman747 admitted that the key to this strategy is to draft well, just like in the real NFL. If teams like the Baltimore Ravens, Cincinnati Bengals, Buffalo Bills, or Los Angeles Chargers don’t draft well, then they can’t field a top team around their quarterback. Hitting on draft picks, which can be cheap, good players, is vital.

u/ComprehensiveBid7189 said it was “absolutely” possible with one caveat: if the salary cap was turned off. This is a doozy of a situation, but plenty of armchair GMs have come to help the player with what amounts to one of the biggest Madden 24 contract request situations out there.

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