Diablo 4 WASD movement is finally arriving for PC players with Season 3


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Players who’ve wanted WASD movement in Diablo 4 finally got some good news with the latest Season of the Construct announcement.

While mouse and keyboard players have had to resort to mouse clicks to get around, things are about to change in Season 3. In a franchise known for building the pillars of the dungeon crawler genre, this surprising omission is finally being remedied. As someone who has accidentally tried using the WASD keys to move, it’s a welcome improvement.

Check out the latest Diablo 4 battle pass details as the Diablo 4 Season 3 release date is right around the corner.

Can you move with WASD in Diablo 4

Yes, you can move with WASD in Diablo 4 when Season of the Construct drops on January 23, 2024. This system has already been present in other isometric action RPGs and is a change many players are looking forward to. While some may argue that pressing the number keys is a chore, you can always purchase a mouse with additional keys for abilities.

Since its launch in June 2023, players have wanted this feature to show up. And while controller players have had it easy so far, you should be able to return to WASD movement pretty soon. If this control scheme doesn’t suit you, head over to key bindings in the Controls menu (in Options) to sort things out.

While Blizzard didn’t particularly mention this change in the past, it’s one that PC players have been asking for. It’s just one of many quality-of-life features coming to the game. Helltides will now be more common, with just a 5-minute break between them. This makes them easier to access for players on a tight schedule. Considering that unique resources like Cinders are exclusive to this endgame content, it’s a good change. Extra stash tabs are finally here as well.

That covers the arrival of WASD movement in Diablo 4. Look out for the new Diablo 4 Senescal companion and augment its powers with new Governing Stones and Tuning Stones. Blizzard Entertainment has done a great job in igniting player interest after a lackluster first Season. Season of Blood brought vampiric powers into the fold and Season 3’s Loom-based powers look pretty exciting too.

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