Epic needs to change this feature on the Fortnite Chapter 5 map right now


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With its constantly improving competition, ever-changing map, and gradually evolving meta, getting a victory royale in Fortnite is already difficult enough. However, there are also a ton of other random factors that can directly influence a match’s outcome, as shown by one unfortunate battle royale player on social media. This has led to some fans demanding Epic Games change one particularly frustrating feature in the Fortnite map: wooden fences.

Now, players demanding changes aren’t exactly a surprise, with the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 release date fast approaching. After all, several fans are already calling for a nerf to snipers following the community’s discussion on how rough these weapons can be in the current meta. Nevertheless, these game-changing wooden fences may need to be addressed sooner rather than later since they can heavily affect player movement across the map.

Its match-altering influence was displayed further through a Fortnite subreddit thread wherein the post creator included a short video of them losing a match because of a wooden fence. Then, they called for these obstacles “to be nerfed ASAP or taken right out of the game” because of how much it’s cost them matches.

Though some predictably enjoyed seeing the post creator’s untimely demise at the hands – or posts – of a wooden fence, some naturally chimed in with their own opinions on the unnaturally sturdy barrier. One commenter noted: “While you should have got out [of the vehicle], I think [Epic Games] have nerfed how vehicles affect objects. I feel like they used to barrel through obstacles at [a certain] speed. A vehicle as big as this one shouldn’t be blocked by a small post fence.”

With the next Fortnite update seasonal update still relatively far off, it remains unclear whether Epic Games plans on addressing these indestructible wooden fences. So, while you wait for the arrival of Chapter 5 Season 2, check out our pages on the best sweaty Fortnite names, how to slide in Fortnite, and the best keybinds for Fortnite in the meantime.

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