Final Report Released on Emirates A380 Excursion in Singapore


The final incident report has been released by investigators in Singapore regarding the Emirates Airbus A380 excursion in Singapore back in March this year.

The TSIB has released their findings following this incident, which contains some important takeaways following this.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Final Report Released on Emirates A380 Excursion in Singapore…

Photo Credit: James Field/AviationSource

The 21-page document released by the TSIB regarding the Emirates A380 runway excursion in Singapore documents some things that went wrong during the incident.

Probable causes included the misjudgement of the magnitude of the drift of the aircraft following adverse weather, which resulted in the aircraft touching down near the right runway edge line, with it’s momentum causing it to momentarily veer off the right edge of the runway.

It is understood the pilot monitoring called “go around” twice before the pilot flying landed the aircraft, but only heard the first message and didn’t ask the pilot monitoring for a clarification.

The TSIB also noted that the lack of the most up-to-date weather by ATC in Singapore did not contribute to this issue onboard the Emirates Airbus A380.

Ultimately, the investigative board said the following about the pilot flying:

“The PF’s decision to continue landing without fully understanding what the PM said (i.e. the first “go-around callout) does not accord with good cockpit resource management (CRM) practices.”

“The importance of effective communication cannot be over-emphasised. If unsure of what was said by the other pilot(s), a pilot should request the pilot(s) to repeat the message.”

“The operator’s SOP stated that whenever a “go-around’ callout is made by either pilot, it is mandatory that the pilots execute the go-around manoeuvre.”

“The PM had called for a “go-around”. When he did not receive an appropriate response as per the operator’s SOP, he called for “go-around” again.”

“However, by this time the aircraft had already landed. The PF’s decision to continue landing despite the “go-around” callouts by the PM was not in line with the SOP. Based on what the PF shared with the investigation team, he did not correctly perceive the first “go-around” callout and missed the second.”

“As a result, the PF did not know that the PM had call for a go-around and thus, the PF did not execute the go-around manoeuvre as stated in the operator’s SOP.”

All eyes will be on whether anything further comes from this following the full incident report being released by the TSIB on the Emirates A380 runway excursion in Singapore.

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