Fortnite snipers get community discussing how ‘rough’ they can be


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Fortnite snipers have been all the rage this season. Chapter 5 Season 1’s revamping of sniper rifles has been a pretty big hit with a lot of players. They love the customization options and how bullet drop makes shooting them pretty realistic and fun. The flip side of this is all of people on the receiving end of sniper shots, most of which die in a second because they stopped moving momentarily. Even those who stay moving can get sniped in a heartbeat, and it got the community talking about how hard it is to stay alive.

u/Andrew-President shared a video clip to the Fortnite Battle Royale subreddit, showcasing how they were in good position and moving around when one bullet from a sniper rifle prematurely ended their game. Movement is key to avoiding this fate, but it’s been hard enough while constantly moving, like the user was in the video. Full health, a top eight placement, a medallion and more were gone in an instant with one bullet.

u/Manjenkins simply said, “Rough.” It was a rough way to die indeed, and it’s one that so many people are tired of in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1. u/LaughZealousideal708 joked, “bro the snipers this season have turned me full schizophrenic.” People often run around the island paranoid that a sniper shot might come at them when they least expect it.

u/psychotic added that players just can’t stand in the open for more than three milliseconds. Otherwise, a swift end to their game will be met. u/ItsGallardo said, “That’s the worst death to me lmao.” Other users agreed that it’s tough to lose to someone far away that you didn’t even know was there with a single shot.

Another user by the name of u/wintergameing provided the solution to the issue, “Actually you stood still for 0.01 of a second you should have kept moving and 360 no scoped the guy and then just have 100% accuracy rest of the game totally easy.”

u/kmfdm_mdfmk accurately summed up the difficulty with Fortnite snipers in Chapter 5 Season 1, “Snipers are weird. it is definitely unfun to play against a sniper in almost any game but the position of being one is too fun.”

Snipers are a little bit overpowered and they can be so frustrating on the receiving end, but most players carry them and have a lot of fun doing it. Perhaps Epic Games may need to do some balancing with them to make sure the community agrees on the state of the guns as a whole.

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