Fortnite Summitseeker Evie gets community debating long-awaited skin


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The Fortnite Summitseeker Evie skin was leaked long ago, but took forever to finally arrive in the Item Shop. Last night, when the shop reset, she was finally available. Evie was a fan favorite skin from the Chapter 3 Season 1 battle pass, and many players couldn’t wait for a variant of that skin to be available since they missed out on the original. With the new Evie finally here, here’s what the community is saying.

Gamers discuss arrival of Fortnite Summitseeker Evie

While many are excited that Evie’s new variant is finally here, others aren’t all that impressed. It’s a divided community on this issue, with some believing it’s an overhyped skin that isn’t worth their time while others are truly ecstatic. u/Dylifyed posted to Reddit and got the community talking.

u/AlternativeCattle22 said, “Epic has you guys starvin with the shop updates.” They have taken note of the recent Item Shops, many of which have been boring and lackluster, and think that people’s excitement over Fortnite Summitseeker Evie is just a response to that.

u/Three4Anonymity added, “I like the skin, but not enough to spend money on it. Sounds like a lot of players were hyped for it, but they took too long and people aren’t impressed by the skin. Shame.” They believe it’s a nice skin, but that their hard-earned V-Bucks aren’t worth it.

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Several others weren’t all that interested, either. u/ElishXXI said, “Can someone explain to me why is everyone so hyped about her?” This got a lot of upvotes, so many other gamers didn’t understand the hype either.

Not everyone was disappointed, though.u/Fluffy-Ingenuity482 chimed in, “I personally just think she’s cool. I like Fortnite skins that can be boiled down to just some guy wearing a regular outfit.” u/lichuvm22 echoed that sentiment by saying that they personally prefer “simpler skins.”

u/bam-bee might be one of the most excited players for Fortnite Summitseeker Evie. They said, “I love it! I live in Alaska so it’s my vibe.” u.Ok-Consideration6649 said, “I bought her immediately.” u/Allcoff responded, “I bought her so fast literally QUICK AF.” u/ThatGuyAtTheGym said it fits with them because they are a snowboarder themselves.

That’s all for the new Fortnite Evie skin, but be sure to check out what players think of snipers, the best sweaty names, and what an ascender is!

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