GTA 6 fans hope Rockstar makes potentially huge change to a crucial gameplay feature


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Throughout the history of the GTA series, Rockstar’s crime-laden, open-world adventure has often been praised for its straightforwardly violent nature and enjoyable gameplay. However, with the impending release of GTA 6, fans hope the developers make a few tweaks to their tried and tested formula in keeping with the times, as some are calling for a drastic change to how players can steal and hijack vehicles in the upcoming installment.

Following its near record-breaking GTA 6 trailer release towards the end of 2023, details on its gameplay and environment remain scarce since the teaser only showcased snippets of what’s to come. This has led to some players speculating and, at times, suggesting what they would like to see introduced to the game, one of which includes the massive overhaul to vehicle interaction mentioned above.

Over on Reddit, one user claimed that GTA 6’s early game will be more realistic and lock players “out of stealing high-end vehicles.” The post creator then mentioned that in the unfortunate series of leaks in 2022, which were conducted by a notorious hacker, a Slim Jim tool and a vehicle hacking device was allegedly found in Jason’s items, leading them to believe that stealing modern top-of-the-line automobiles would be much more complicated than in previous games.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if one of the early game missions for Lucia or Jason is learning the ropes on how to steal cars without breaking the window and hot-wiring them, and that is where we will acquire the Slim Jim & hacking device,” they added. “I’m hoping I’m right because it’s gonna be pretty disappointing if, in 2025, we are still smashing windows and hot-wiring multi-million dollar hyper-cars like they are your auntie’s Kia.”

Again, this is still merely speculation, so this may not be a part of GTA 6 at all upon its launch. All you can do now is wait until the GTA 6 release date rolls around to find out whether this new vehicle hijacking feature will be implemented into the game. Until then, check out our pages on whether GTA 6 is open-world, GTA 6 PC compatibility, and the GTA 6 setting.

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