Helldivers 2 players are turning on the game because Major Orders have no “feeling of progress”


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The Helldivers 2 story largely plays out through a series of text briefings given in-game, as well as on social media and Discord, letting players know what is currently happening in the Galactic War. This then sends players to either the Automaton or Terminid sectors to prevent them from overrunning a planet and taking control of it. But as time has gone on, players are starting to realize that none of it really matters as our progression is usually undone fairly quickly.

Image via Arrowhead Game Studios

U/xnrnx took to Reddit to discuss that liberating planets during a Major Order seems to have no impact on the Galactic War, due to them usually being overrun by Terminids shortly after and then players must liberate them again to complete a future Major Order. They said “This makes me wonder what’s the point of clearing a sector when all of a sudden a planet magically converts just to make the MO have more time. It also undermines gambit planets,” which is something that Automaton players have been feeling for a while.

“I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of fighting on the same planets over and over again because they switch MOs and the planets we just took are taken back a day later. I want to see actual progress. With them taking such drastic steps as they did, there is no longer and feeling of progress. They will do what they want, even if it shouldn’t be possible.”

Last month, we touched on a similar post that discussed how out of the past 6 completed Automaton Major Orders, 5 of them had been undone almost immediately, meaning that the effort was pointless. One example was the Defense of Marfark in April 2024, once this was complete, the SEAF sent players to attack the Terminids, and by the time that Major Order had been completed the Automatons had overran Marfark again.

With there only being a small number of planets that we can currently complete missions on, it is understandable that we will have to liberate them regularly. But, I can also understand the frustration because, from a storyline perspective, it doesn’t feel like we’re any further in the Galactic War than we were in February. As the years go on, the effects of our efforts will likely be felt more as new factions emerge such as The Illuminate and the story progresses.

But for now, all that we can do is keep fighting against the Automatons and Terminids, bring democracy to every planet we step foot on, and of course serve hot cups of Liber-tea while doing so. To ensure victory over our enemies, now is a great time to optimize your loadout to ensure that you’re bringing the right tools for the missions, to do this we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide.

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