Helldivers 2 players explain why delaying Warbonds won’t speed up issues being fixed


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Earlier this week we saw the new Premium Warbond titled Democratic Detonation come to Helldivers 2, bringing new weapons, armor, utilities, and cosmetics to the game. It hasn’t been the biggest hit with players, with some calling the new weapons “absolutely garbage,” but over time this opinion will likely change as players discover new use cases for the new items. However, some players have taken to the internet to complain about issues in the game and that they should be prioritized over new content.

U/_Banshii took to Reddit to discuss the current issues in the game and that the community shouldn’t be complaining that Arrowhead Game Studios released a new microtransaction to Helldivers 2 rather than addressing them, as they are not the same developers working on both aspects of the game.

“Seeing a lot of frustrated sentiments about the growing list of issues in the game, which is valid, but I wanted to voice some perspective as I don’t think some people understand these aspects of Dev work.

  1. The teams that make the warbonds are not the same teams that work on bugs. armor designers and weapon designers are not fixing code. We also know from the API that there are several armors and weapons that have not been released that just prove AH makes these warbonds well in advance of their release.
  2. AH are experienced devs, they know what they’re doing, sure this player count is new for them, but that doesn’t change that they have a very capable team on their hands.
  3. Bugs aren’t always easy fixes, the AMR scope for example seems like an easy tweak, but the devs have spoken on this and told us it would take longer than expected.”
The new Warbond comes bearing gifts. Image captured by VideoGamer.

In the past, Arrowhead Game Studios has been quick to address major issues in the game, recently releasing a hotfix just days after an update caused a glitch in Helldivers 2. Some fixes take longer to implement, and some issues can remain in games for years as fixing them can bring a whole host of other issues to deal with. However, it is evident that the developers are putting in a lot of effort to fix problems while also delivering fresh new content on a weekly basis for the community.

With the release of the new Premium Warbond comes the return of the Automatons, who made their return to Helldivers 2 just one day after being completely eradicated during a Major Order event. It turned out that the robots were secretly building an even larger army and reappeared with tens of thousands of warships ready to exact revenge on Super Earth. With the threat of the Automatons being greater than ever, we highly recommend checking out our Helldivers 2 best weapons guide and best armor guide so you can be well equipped to serve a sweet cup of Liber-tea.

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