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Vitalik Buterin Just Sold Trillions of Memes: Here’s How Much He Earned

U.Today – An address labeled as belonging to , the cofounder of , has been reported by to have engaged in significant cryptocurrency transactions involving trillions of meme coins.

The transaction details are quite striking: the Vb-labeled address swapped 100,000,000,000,111 DOBE tokens for 10.44 ETH, equivalent to approximately $22.9K. In a separate transaction, the same address exchanged 1,858,140,000,000 DOJO tokens for 3.12 ETH, worth around $6.8K. These numbers are not just eye-catching due to their size but also because they involve meme coins, a type of asset known for its volatility and ties to internet culture rather than fundamental financial value.

Interestingly, both of these assets were reportedly airdropped to address. This suggests that Buterin’s involvement with these tokens might have been minimal, if any. It is unlikely that he was even aware of these specific assets, given the sheer volume of tokens and projects in the cryptocurrency space. The decision to sell these tokens, therefore, seems to be a pragmatic one, aimed at converting what might be considered “digital clutter” into something of more recognized value and liquidity.

The use of airdrops as a strategy to attract retail investors has become increasingly common in the cryptocurrency industry. Projects often send tokens to prominent figures in the crypto community, hoping to leverage their influence for a quick marketing boost. This tactic was notably used by , which airdropped a significant amount of its tokens to Vitalik Buterin’s address. Buterin, in a move that garnered widespread attention, chose to donate these tokens to charity.

The idea is straightforward: by sending tokens to well-known figures in the crypto space, these projects aim to attract attention and legitimacy to their tokens. The presence of their tokens in the wallets of influential personalities is perceived as an endorsement, even if it is not officially.

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