Intergenerational strengths that can be passed on through generations


Intergenerational experiences are extremely important for our mental and emotional health. It helps in strengthening us, making us resilient and passing on the wisdom to the next generation. While being brought up in dysfunctional homes can give us childhood trauma which can further impact our adult relationships. Being brought up by emotionally mature parents can make us better versions of ourselves. “Having Complex Trauma can lead us to reject our whole family history. When we reach a stage of recovery where we have developed our own sense of self, know our worth, can trust our decision-making process, and are planning for our future, we may then feel comfortable examining what has been handed down through the generations,” wrote Therapist Linda Meredith. Here are a few intergenerational strengths that can be passed on through generations.

Intergenerational strengths that can be passed on through generations(Unsplash)

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Resilience: The ability to bounce back from adversity and look fear in the eye and turn the situation around – in our favour – is often passed on through experiences of watching our family members being resilient.

Emotional intelligence: Emotional health heavily depends upon the intelligence and understanding we have regarding the emotions of others as well as that of us.

Compassion: When we grow up watching our loved ones being kind and empathetic to others, we try to imbibe that habit in us to be kind.

Generosity: The willingness to share resources, time, energy and love with people in the family and also in the community comes from watching our family members being generous.

Creativity: This is often passed on through generations when we are brought up in homes where we watch our family members being creative.

Communication skills: Good communication skills are needed to navigate through life and adult relationships. The skill of communicating our emotions is often taught to us by our family members.

Cultural tradition: Preservation of culture, rituals and the value system are passed on through generations.

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