Interior decor tips: 5 creative ways to use rugs for a stylish home makeover


In the ever-evolving world of interior decor, personal spaces become the canvases for expressing aspirations and desires. Whether it’s a dining room or a living room, we’re always looking for new ways to update our interiors. Bringing a rug into the scene to complete the look is the best way to do this. Rugs, often underestimated, are versatile design elements that effortlessly elevate your living spaces. An art beyond conventional norms, the intricate orchestration of decor and functionality unfolds as we curate interiors, considering size, traffic flow, and furniture nuances. Reinventing spaces is a transformative journey, unlocking creative sparks within. Delve into accessible luxury with our rugs, adding layers of texture, colour and character to create sanctuaries of refined aesthetics. (Also read: Granny chic to maximalist mashup: 4 top vintage-inspired interior trends with a modern twist )

From adding warmth to creating focal points, discover the art of rug placement to enhance your home’s aesthetic effortlessly.(Unsplash)

Tips for Using Rugs in Home Decor

Rahul Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO, Understorey shared with HT Lifestyle some stylish and creative ways to use rugs for a stylish home makeover.

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1. Weave a welcome

Elevate entrances with a statement rug, gracing guests with warmth, defining the ingress, trapping debris, and acting as a versatile element. The rug becomes a visual storyteller, setting the stage for decor and creating a cohesive, inviting atmosphere, making every entrance a moment of awe and comfort.

2. Art your wall

Transform walls into bespoke galleries by adorning them with carefully hung rugs. Let intricate patterns and vibrant hues captivate, creating a magnetic focal point that breathes artistry. Elevate surfaces with fibre whispers, personalised sophistication, and visual allure. Unleash boundless creativity, seamlessly blending tactile elegance and surpassing the ordinary confines of wall decor.

3. Layered power of rugs in zones

Strategically position rugs to define distinct zones, adding visual flair. Contrasting patterns or tones delineate zones – cosy reading nooks, entertainment corners, or dining spaces. Variations in textures and patterns add depth, serving functional purposes and seamlessly guiding traffic flow. Soft underfoot, each rug offers a tactile experience, exploring novel ambiance in each zone.

4. Table talk

Envision mealtime or coffee breaks as a luxurious affair, where rug intricacies add charm to your tabletop. Repurpose smaller rugs as chic table runners, infusing elegance. Textures and patterns breathe life into furniture, creating an elegant ambiance. The juxtaposition of soft fibres against the table’s solid surface offers a visual feast, a tactile experience with each touch- a conversation starter where design meets functionality.

5. Sink into comfort

Enhance your bathroom with opulence. Small-sized rugs offer a soft, warm surface, adding comfort to daily routines. Placed near the bathtub or sink, they blend indulgence with functionality, elevating bathrooms into cosy spaces where comfort meets convenience.

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