Kia reveals US-spec 2025 Seltos: Will the changes make it to India?


2025 Kia Seltos gets $100 price hike and minor updates in US market with new features like Parking Distance Warning-Reverse and Smart Power Liftgate.

The 2025 Kia Seltos has been priced $100 higher than before and receives a handful of new upgrades across all variants. (Kia )

Kia America has just announced pricing for the 2025 iteration of the Seltos in the US market, and the mid-size SUV will begin rolling out into American dealerships shortly. While prices have been increased by $100 (approximately 8,345), Kia has added a handful of new upgrades across all variants that include cosmetic changes as well as tech. While there has been no announcement of whether the update is headed for Indian shores, there are upgrades that have been made to the US model that stand a chance of making it here.

It is important to note that models sold across the globe come with different features and a Seltos sold in the US or Europe will have different features when compared to Indian variants. This is largely due to differences in traffic safety rules and emissions regulations across the world, and as such, the Seltos in America comes with key features that Indian buyers miss out on. It is very likely that when the 2025 Kia Seltos comes to Indian markets, it will do so after leaving behind certain features while picking up some unique ones.

What’s new for the Seltos?

2025 Kia Seltos
Updates to the 2025 Kia Seltos are relatively minor this time around due to the model receiving a facelift recently, and the new version includes certain convenience features along with interior upgrades. (Kia)

Having received a facelift recently, the Kia Seltos will be getting changes that are relatively minor this time around, and most of the updates centre on the EX trim. A Parking Distance Warning-Reverse along with a Smart Power Liftgate is making it to the all-wheel drive EX and the top-of-the-line SX variant, with the EX additionally getting a sunroof package that is available as an option. The EX AWD further receives a cargo cover as standard.

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The S line loses the 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster in exchange for a downgrade to a 4.25-inch integrated display. It gets a new power window on the driver’s side which allows for an auto up-down feature that was previously unavailable. The S Line additionally features new 17-inch two-tone alloy wheels as standard. Coming to the interior, Kia has simply stated that the 2025 Seltos will feature “improved materials and finishes that elevate the driving experience,” but has not shared any specifics.

What does the Seltos carry over to the Indian market

When coming over to India, cars usually lose out on certain key features that are otherwise suitable for other countries. The Kia Seltos has had some features that have not made it to Indian soil in the past and it is likely to be so in the future. The biggest differences between the two specs have been centred around the powertrain and certain safety features.

The Kia Seltos is offered globally with two different petrol engine options. The India-spec Seltos receives smaller engines along with an additional diesel option. The US-spec Seltos is offered with a 2.0-litre petrol engine that makes 146 bhp, paired with an intelligent variable transmission (IVT). There is an additional and more popular 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol that makes 195 bhp, paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission. While on its way over to India, the Seltos sheds capacity, offering a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine that makes 158 bhp and 253 Nm of torque. There is also a naturally aspirated engine that produces that makes 115 bhp and 144 Nm of torque.

2025 Kia Seltos
The 2025 Kia Seltos will be reaching American dealerships shortly. There has been no official announcements for the Indian market as of yet. (Kia)

There are additional differences in the dimensions of the two models, where the US model is generally larger in length but slightly smaller in height. The 2024 US-spec measures 4384 mm in length, 1800 mm in width, and 1625 mm (with roof rails). The currently available India-spec Seltos measures 4365 mm in length, 1800 mm in width, and 1645 mm in height, offering more headroom. The tire size gets reduced in India as well but is offered with thicker profiles that are capable of handling the brunt of our roads.

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Notably, the Kia Seltos does not come to India with an all-wheel drive variant, a feature that the US-spec is generously offered. With the active AWD system, the US-spec Seltos is able to channel 50 per cent power to the rear axle. The system further enables torque vectoring to freely distribute power between the rear wheels for better cornering capabilities. The 360-degree camera and air purifiers are some features that the India-spec Seltos gains over the US-spec.

First Published Date: 30 Jun 2024, 10:03 AM IST

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