Madden 24 low OVR superstar X-Factor surprises community


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Generally speaking, Superstar X-Factor players in Madden 24 are among the best of the best. Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Aaron Donald, Sauce Gardner, Micah Parsons, Fred Warner, and so on and so forth are the best of the best, so they get an X-Factor ability. Someone like Chuba Hubbard or Sam Howell doesn’t have one yet, because they’re not that good. There’s technically not an OVR floor for one, but this Madden 24 low OVR superstar X-Factor would be well below it if there was.

Madden 24 low OVR superstar X-Factor shocks players

Madden players don’t get X-Factors without being very good, so it was rather shocking when u/futureumpire35 shared to Reddit a shockingly low X-Factor player. Not only was the Madden 24 low OVR superstar X-Factor a bit of a surprise, the fact that he was being offered to the user in a trade was, too.

Image via u/futureumpire35 on Reddit

It would be rather alarming to see a player that’s 69 OVR have a Superstar ability, let alone an X-Factor, but this rare occurrence is exactly what happened with a random generated player in the year 2029. The community was rather surprised by this.

u/thowe93 said, “I’ve never seen an X factor that low, but I’ve seen plenty of super stars. I’ve also never been offered an X factor in a trade.” Another player said, “I have a few times. Usually they are guys with ‘unique’ builds.” Some players suggested switching their position. If the generation gave him a specific build that doesn’t help a certain position, he might be better elsewhere.

Several others shared their experiences with similar finds. Occasionally, a superstar player or one with the right development trait can be found like this. It’s absolutely still a diamond in the rough, though, and even more so since it was offered up in a pretty fair trade.

u/Slow-Location1070 added, “You can actually work with 69 ovr with a 23 year old, and the X Factor development will turn him into a high 70s borderline 80 by the end of the season. That’s a bet I’d take.” Others recommended taking the chance since there is a high likelihood this player will turn out decent.

That’s all for this Madden 24 low OVR superstar X-Factor, but be sure to check out a terrible player design, TOTW 16 predictions, and how old one star running back got.

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