Madden 24 player’s complaint gets community ridiculing EA Sports again


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Madden 24 players don’t need much inspiration to go after EA Sports. They’ve had plenty of issues with glitches, bad development choices, and more. This time, the issue seems to be just pure laziness. One Redditor found that certain positions don’t even exist in the game, which leads them to be miscategorized with awful OVR ratings. The result was a piling on EA Sports.

There are a couple of positions in Madden that are completely forgotten about. Whether it’s just that players don’t care about them or they’re not on the field often, some positions in Madden 24 are overlooked. This particular position doesn’t even exist: the longsnapper.

u/Happyfluid posted to Reddit complaining that the roster they had on franchise mode had two abysmally-rated players. There’s no reason a tight end with a 28 or 33 OVR rating should be anywhere near a team. It was pointed out in the comments that these are just longsnappers misidentified as tight ends.

Image via u/Happyfluid on Reddit

That’s because the longsnapper position isn’t in Madden. It’s a vital part of an NFL team’s special teams unit, and the players are in Madden 24, but the position isn’t. Both Scott Daly and Jake McQuaide are special teams players, not tight ends. The lack of a longsnapper position in the game got the community talking, and most of it was unhappy in this Madden 24 complaint.

u/peteman28 noted the position and wondered aloud why EA Sports couldn’t just add the position to the game. u/Slow-Location1070 replied to them, “Like literally what’s preventing them to do so? If they can distinguish kicker and punter how hard is it to make a long snapping attribute and add bad snaps if the LS isn’t good? Crazy when it’s supposed to be the only NFL simulation game.” u/SamuraiJack- added, “The devs don’t know how to touch the game without breaking it.”

An NFL game featuring players on the field becomes subject to ridicule from the gaming community as Madden 24 player's complaint sparks controversy against EA Sports once more.
Image by VideoGamer

One user replied that the only thing causing EA to gloss over the longsnapper position is that it’s not valuable to Madden Ultimate Team, which often gets the focus from the development team. u/Chaoticimpact added, “They had Long Snappers in Madden 12 and 13 if i recall, so don’t understand what stopped them keeping it.”

Another player added that it would require the minimum effort from EA, yet they still don’t seem interested in doing it. This has prompted laziness accusations on the part of the community, and it’s just more ammunition for why many Madden players dislike the developers.

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