MW3 fans rejoice after Sledgehammer confirms long overdue change to improve Shipment


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MW3 players have been celebrating following a change made to the popular shooter that finally saw a long standing weapons animation issue addressed by developer Sledgehammer Games.

Along with adding the popular Gun Game mode to the Quick Play filter with the game’s most recent playlist update, Sledgehammer has confirmed that it has implemented a change that has long been requested by fans, as it’s removed weapon check animations that used to automatically replay when a player respawned in smaller map playlists. While this may not seem like a huge change, this animation often caused issues on smaller maps, as players would spawn in and be immediately killed even before they had finished their animation and were able to retaliate on the game’s more compact maps such as Shipment.

It’s a change that’s gone down extremely well on the MW3 subreddit – as noted by the responses to a thread on the change, summed up by the top rated comment from CBD212 which simply reads: “FINALLY!” In agreement is Whalesalad, who adds ” Can’t tell you how many times I have died in Shipment due to cocking my gun after spawning in. Which that could be eliminated on certain maps too.” “Sledgehammer are the GOATS. Infinity Ward would never,” claims No_Bar6825.

Some want this change applied even more broadly, such as CulturedTuna who says “That’s a cool update. Now when can that apply to the entire game? Or at least make it a settings option like “theatrical animations” on or off.” There’s a few who agree even more strongly that the change should go further, such as WDIPWTC who says “why not just get rid of it altogether? It’s just a stupid mechanic. Why half-ass the change by limiting it to only small maps? It serves no gameplay purpose and actively hinders gameplay to the point it’s being removed on small maps. So, remove it entirely.”

Not everyone agrees with that, with some such as DeminoTheDragon who argues “it adds the tiniest bit of personality (which is something for a CoD game)”- but for those who are regular Shipment players – especially those who spend a lot of their time in the Shipment 24/7 playlist, it seems this change is most welcome indeed. We’ll see if further changes are made in subsequent updates – such as the upcoming Season 1 Reloaded.

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