NBA 2K24 exploit has community railing 2K Sports over latest issues


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A massive NBA 2K24 exploit cropped up over the holidays. On December 26, MyTEAM mode was offering a deal on a card. Those who paid close attention realized that this Paul George card was selling for less than its purchase price on the market. This allowed them to purchase and re-sell boatloads of the card and reap tons of coins as a result.

Some of them ended up with millions of coins before 2K reversed their mistake. After they fixed it, 2K players shared photos of their accounts that had lost of all their coins but not the cards they earned during the exploit. This has the community, understandably, up in arms.

The Washington Post first reported on this story, highlighting the massive error on 2K’s part and their silent reversal and removal of funds without so much as a comment on it. Plus, the fact of the matter is that 2K players took advantage of this exploit, but it was completely and totally designed by 2K Sports. The developers made the mistake and players paid the price later.

This got the community extremely angry with 2K, and they took to the subreddit to share their thoughts on this whole debacle. u/BlueGreenReddit1 said, “So glad I didn’t buy the game again this year. 23 already has “unsellable” cards which was a bunch of s**t.”

u/doctorlongghost added, “Basketball cards are a joke. Digital ones even more so.” u/icerahphyle was even more blunt in his assessment of the game now, “Patiently waiting for the day where a baller can hoop again on his Playstation without the basketball part being a sidequest in an exploitative casino-simulator.”

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Cody Richinson, an avid 2K YouTuber, said this via the Post, “What customer that spent hundreds of dollars would want to continue spending money when they could just simply wait for the next exploit to happen? I will give them the benefit of the doubt that it is the holidays, and not everyone’s around to make a decision, but I hope the right thing is done.”

Not only is the community tired of poor development and issues that never seem to be resolved, but they’re also fed up with spending money on a game where something like this is bound to happen. One side of the community believes that this NBA 2K24 exploit and its response is more evidence of poor developing, while the other side believes this is evidence that there’s no need to give 2K any more of their money. The two sides have one common thought, though: 2K Sports is not good.

That’s all for this major issue for NBA 2K24, but be sure to check out the latest player ratings, an issue with centers, and our list of all the locker codes!

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