On Dunki Release Day, Shaan Reveals Why His Song Dropped From The Film


Image instagrammed by Shaan. (courtesy: Shaan)

New Delhi:

On Dunki release day, singer Shaan revealed that a song titled, Durr kahi Durr, was dropped from the Rajkumar Hiarni directorial. Shaan and Shreya Ghoshal have sung the song. However, Shaan also explained the reason behind dropping the song and mentioned there’s no rift between him and the director. Shaan began his post on X like this, “Good Morning !!! Aaj #Dunki Day hai … im super excited!! CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT !! I’m sure Everyone is Going to love the Movie !!!” He then explained the reason behind why his song was dropped. He wrote, “I just want to clear the air about why my song was not part of the film .. the song, a beautiful breezy duet (with @shreyaghoshal) “Durr kahi Durr” was recorded and also picturised in Kashmir .. but on the edit table .. it was RajuHirani’s call to drop the song .. (after a lot of contemplation.. ) He was very transparent about it with me.. and I really appreciate that.. and I fully understand that the film is top priority. Hopefully, You will get to hear the song in his future project .. but not in Dunki…”

There were diverse reactions to the post shared by X users. A user wrote, “Really disappointing to hear that @singer_shaan sir… Was expecting something memorable like “Char Kadam” from you after a long time.. Can you ask them to release it as a deleted song later.. Please..” Another user commented, “I am sad as it looks like a good song was taken away from us but hope we will really get to hear it someday or even if they just release the audio that would be enough.” Take a look at what Shaan posted here:

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh Khan has actively been responding to fans’ reactions and excitement on X. Sharing a video, in which fans can be seen celebrating Dunki release day with zest, Shah Rukh Khan wrote on X, “Arre ab picture dekhne toh jao ya bahar hi kushti karte rahoge. Go in see the movie and tell me if u all enjoyed it. Dunk”. Take a look at his post here:

Dunki opened to stellar reviews. In his review for NDTV, film critic Saibal Chatterjee wrote, “Dunki is buoyed by an array of flawless performances, with the lead actor and Taapsee Pannu, playing a woman who is far more than just the hero’s romantic interest, leading the way through the ups and downs – more of the latter really – triggered by the characters’ repeated leaps of faith across unknown terrains and into an equally alien land.”

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