Qantas Unveils Special Message on a 787 for Paris Olympics 2024


Qantas has unveiled a special livery on one of it’s Boeing 787 aircraft to celebrate the participation of the Australia team in the upcoming Paris Olympics & Paralympic games 2024.

The sports event is not far away, so the airline has been getting aircraft ready for this momentous occasion.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

The Special Qantas Boeing 787 For The Paris Olympics 2024…

Photo Credit: Qantas.

The special message on the Qantas Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner registered VH-ZNH has a simple message: Go Australia!

“The specially created graphic showcases Australian pride on an international stage and captures the essence of the iconic green and gold Aussie spirit, solidifying the Flying Kangaroo’s proud position as the official carrier of the 2024 Australian Olympic and Paralympic Teams”, the airline said in their statement.

Furthermore, such a special message for the Paris Olympics 2024 will be complemented with the airline’s new route to the French capital from Perth starting next month.

On top of this, there is also the Perth to Rome service that will also be starting up soon.

The Chef de Missions Love The Message…

Australian Olympic Team Chef de Mission for Paris 2024 Anna Meares said the following on the 787 livery:

“Qantas has been supporting Australian Olympic dreams for generations”.

“We are thrilled Qantas will be proudly sharing their support of Australian Olympians on their 787 Dreamliner.

“As an Olympian, flying on that Qantas plane home from a Games, to meet friends and family in the Qantas hangar welcome home, is such a special memory.”

“I’m looking forward to our 2024 Olympic Team making their own Qantas memories on their journey to and from the Paris Games.”

Adding to this was Australian Paralympic Team Chef de Mission Kate McLoughlin:

“Our relationship with Qantas is so important to the Australian Paralympic Team.”

“Qantas offers flexibility around the travel requirements of people with a disability and the equipment they carry”.

“It’s great the way Paralympics Australia and Qantas collaborate to understand the needs of our team.”

“The flight home from the Games is always special. Qantas has delivered our Paralympians on charter flights home from London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 and we’re thrilled that our team will again be flown home to Australia by Qantas after the Paris Paralympics.”

Hudson: 70 Years of Shared History At The Airline…

Qantas has unveiled a special livery on one of it's Boeing 787 aircraft to celebrate the participation of the Australia team in the upcoming Paris Olympics & Paralympic games 2024.
Photo Credit: Qantas.

Furthermore, Qantas CEO Vanessa Hudson is fully aware of what this adorned Qantas 787 for the Paris Olympics 2024 means.

“Qantas has a long and proud history of supporting the Australian Olympic and Paralympic Teams, from first flying Olympic athletes to the London Games in 1948 to our engineers designing custom cushions and support devices for our Australian Paralympians to travel comfortably on long-haul sectors.”

“We are so proud to support our Australian athletes and supporters to get to the Games once again and hope our special cheer squad 787 will help spur on our teams and supporters to put on a great show in Paris.”


Photo Credit: Qantas.

In conclusion, the preparations are well underway for Qantas’ support of Team Australia for the Paris Olympics & Paralympic Games 2024.

All eyes will be on how the new ultra-long-haul flights to the French capital but also Rome performs.

But with the 787 now painted and ready to go, it will be interesting to see what the transport flight will look like for the team.

Overall, all eyes are now ahead to the upcoming games.

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