Splendor to Jupiter: Top 5 most preferred two-wheelers among gig delivery riders

  • The Indian two-wheeler market has received a shot in the arm with the rise of delivery service providers since the pandemic.
The Indian two-wheeler market has received a shot in the arm with the rise of delivery service providers since the pandemic.

The Indian two-wheeler market is the largest in the world in terms of volume. Over the last few years, the country’s two-wheeler market has been witnessing a wide range of transformations. The pandemic has given the two-wheeler market a shot in the arm by creating a huge demand for personal mobility, while the growth in the food and goods delivery ecosystem too has been phenomenal.

The gig delivery riders who have been playing a crucial role in the newly emerged ‘15-minute-delivery’ ecosystem are increasingly relying on motorcycles and scooters for their mobility medium. The delivery service provider platforms are also focusing on creating a fleet of two-wheelers, which has eventually contributed to the growth of motorcycle and scooter sales in India.

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Here are some of the motorcycles and scooters that are most popular among the gig delivery riders.

Hero Splendor

Hero Splendor has been instrumental in keeping Hero MotoCorp at the pole position of the Indian two-wheeler market consistently over the years. While the no-nonsense frill-free commuter motorcycle is very popular among personal buyers, it is also one of the most popular bikes for gig-delivery riders as well as the delivery service platforms. The practicality, economic and value-for-money proposition has played a key role in the popularity of this motorcycle.

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Honda Activa

The most popular internal combustion engine-powered scooter in India for more than two decades, the Hona Activa entered into production in 2001 and since then it has been dominating the Indian roads. The Activa is the only scooter in India that was able to grab the top spot in the highly competitive two-wheeler segment by replacing the Hero Splendor. Also, this scooter has been playing a key role in making the Japanese automaker brand the second biggest in the Indian two-wheeler space. Besides its popularity among personal buyers, Activa has grabbed a key spot among the gig delivery riders.

Hero Passion

Hero Passion is another motorcycle series from the homegrown two-wheeler giant that has witnessed similar popularity in the country market since its launch in 2001. Despite being in business for more than two decades, the Hero Passion still holds its ground amidst tough competition and rapidly changing market dynamics. The commuter model is available in both 100 cc and 110 cc options, christened as Passion+ and Passion XTEC, respectively. The practicality and value-for-money economic proposition are the driving forces behind the popularity of the Hero Passion.

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TVS Jupiter

While the Honda Activa has been leading the Indian scooter market for decades the TVS Jupiter has earned a pretty good response from consumers despite being a younger model. Launched in 2013, the TVS Jupiter is available in both 110 c and 125 cc engine options. The convenience of automatic transmission two-wheeled mobility, and sustainable performance have helped the TVS Jupiter to become a major player in the Indian market. Besides personal buyers, the scooter has earned popularity among delivery service providers too.

Bajaj Platina

Bajaj Auto is one of the formidable brands in the Indian two-wheeler market. The homegrown motorcycle giant that has been known for iconic products like Chetak and Pulsar has established itself in both premium and mass-market segments. The Bajaj Platina has been in business in India since 2006 and is one of the widely selling commuter motorcycles. The motorcycle is available in both 100 cc and 110 cc engine options. Being a practical and frill-free commuter motorcycle, it is among the popular choices for delivery service providers.

First Published Date: 16 Jan 2024, 15:22 PM IST

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