The Finals community celebrates latest patch following game-changing nerf


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The Finals’ landscape has heavily shifted following Embark Studios’ launch of their latest patch, wherein they nerfed the game’s Aim Assist feature for controller players. In addition to lowering overall controller accuracy and ignoring invisible players, the developers also removed Zoom Snapping for some weapons, prompting keyboard-and-mouse loyalists to celebrate what should now be an equal playing field moving forward.

It’s also worth remembering that Embark Studios has promised another bigger batch of The Finals patch notes following their latest release, so there’s plenty to be excited about if you’re an avid player of the destructive FPS. But with the next patch’s launch yet to grace gaming consoles, keyboard-and-mouse players continue to rejoice in this massive game-changing update on social media, with one user comparing the aim assist tweak to a hilarious Ali G video.

Satirical Sacha Baron Cohen clip aside, some fans also commended Embark Studios for their decision after one commenter said: “This is a great nerf, I can’t lie. Being tracked while invisible was horrible, and it was [also] horrible as the person aiming.” “Hopefully, this should reduce problems like that while not actually impacting aim too much,” they added.

Predictably enough, some users also called out CoD and Apex Legends companies Activision and Respawn Entertainment due to both games’ glaring usage of aim assist for controller players. An envious Warzone player even went on the thread to comment how they wished their game’s developers would “nerf AA for [them] too.” Unfortunately, a nerf in CoD’s and Apex Legends’ aim assist features seems highly unlikely since both projects have gone years without the developers tweaking their AA systems.

That said, The Finals player celebrations may get even bigger once the next update launches sometime next week. Until then, take a look at our pages on The Finals career rewards, The Finals ranks, and The Finals achievements and trophy list while you wait.

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