The Finals devs provide update to aim assist backlash from community


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As The Finals enjoys popularity over the holiday season, the community’s growing concern over the perceived overpowered nature of aim assist on controllers has prompted a response from Embark Studios, the game’s developer.

In competitive shooters like The Finals, aim assist is often divisive, especially when balancing cross-platform play between controller and mouse and keyboard users. Aim assist is designed to level the playing field. Still, it can become contentious when players feel it provides an unfair advantage. The Finals community has been vocal about their concerns, debating the impact of aim assist on gameplay fairness and overall competitive integrity.

A player took to The Finals subreddit to share their interaction with EggMail, a bot representing the developers, about the aim assist debate. They inquired whether the team knew about the community’s feedback and the discussions dominating the subreddit regarding aim assist. The bot confirmed that while the developers are aware of the sentiment and noted the feedback and suggestions, there is currently no official stance or update to share. The response also highlighted that while the subreddit is one of the avenues for feedback, the Discord server remains a more closely monitored platform for community engagement.

via Reddit – u/tinyboobie

The community’s reaction to the bot’s response is mixed, with some appreciating the acknowledgment of their concerns. At the same time, others anxiously await concrete actions or updates. The aim assist issue continues to be a hot topic within The Finals’ community, with many hoping for a balanced approach that respects the needs and preferences of all players across different platforms.

The conversation around aim assist in The Finals indicates the broader challenges developers face when creating fair and engaging cross-platform play. As Embark Studios continues to collect and assess community feedback, the game’s future updates and balancing efforts will be closely watched. How the developers address these concerns will significantly impact the community’s perception and the game’s competitive scene moving forward.

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