The Finals fan takes their hatred of the Vegas map to a whole new level


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The Finals fans have found many a way to voice their displeasure at certain aspects of the game, especially when it comes to their most hated locations and maps. However, now one player has taken their displeasure with one map into their own hands.

In a hilarious thread entitled “Devs won’t remove Vegas, so my buddies and I did” – a player by the name of MasterAenox showed off their handiwork by going into the Vegas map and destroying, well… pretty much everything in it. While The Finals is known for its destructible environments, the scale to which the OP has destroyed the map is incredible. And the subsequent aftermath of MasterAenox and friends’ rampage shows a desolated wasteland where the level used to be, with empty lots and dust – and some hanging explosives – all that remains of the level by the time they’ve finished with it.

Choosing Vegas to satiate their hunger for destruction seems to have gone down well with the community – “I love most of the parts of Vegas, but as a whole I wanna die anytime I get that map,” claims NastyLizard. “Worst map. Also, Light must be deleted” concurs Kirtun77. Similarly, others have their thoughts on the layout. “I just wish there were more doors and vents and such so that it’s easier to move through buildings,” says sino-diogenes. In fact, even those who don’t mind the map itself seem to agree it’s the worst of The Finals’ current map list. As Roman_653 puts it: “Vegas is the worst, but it’s still such a damn good map.”

The map definitely has its defenders though. “Why so many people hate it? I like it more than Monaco, I hate suspended structure,” says Playful_Nergetic786. Meanwhile altprince says “Some of my best plays were made on this map and once you know the layout its pretty easy to read where an enemy is going.” Some like the map just because it’s set in a place they think of fondly, but one user posits the following reason why it gets so much hate: “Vegas is only considered a “bad” map because it’s going against the other maps. If any other studio was trying to design maps for this game (looking at you DICE) none of them would be even close to as good as Vegas is.”

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