The Finals grapples with player backlash over audio issues


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The Finals, the latest sensation in the FPS genre, is not without its criticisms. While the game has captivated a vast audience with its destructive, high-octane gameplay, a glaring issue has emerged according to players: the quality of in-game audio, particularly footsteps, needs to catch up, with some comparing it unfavorably to Apex Legends.

As teams of three duke it out in the arena, the sound of enemy footsteps and spatial audio cues become crucial to strategy and survival. However, players are voicing their dissatisfaction on platforms like Reddit, citing the audio quality as “atrocious” and worse than that of Apex Legends, a game already known for its audio challenges. Complaints range from the inability to accurately discern the direction of footsteps to the lack of auditory clarity in battle.

via Reddit – u/Binary-Miner

While the overall sound design, including effects like coins dropping and explosions, has been praised for its aesthetic quality, the implementation of spatial sound has come under fire. Players need help relying on audio cues for strategic play, with some even noting that teammate movements sound misleadingly close or far. This confusion frustrates players and impacts the game’s competitive integrity.

Some players have drawn parallels between The Finals and Apex Legends, noting that while Apex’s audio may be inconsistent, it at least doesn’t amplify teammate sounds excessively. The comparison underscores a growing sentiment that The Finals might be contending for the unfortunate title of having one of the worst audio implementations in modern competitive gaming.

As feedback mounts, the community looks to Embark Studios for a response and subsequent improvements. Addressing audio issues enhances the player experience and maintains the competitive fairness vital to The Finals’ success and reputation. In the meantime, players seek the best settings and strategies to mitigate these audio challenges and maintain an edge in the game.

The Finals stands at a crossroads, with its audio design becoming a pivotal concern amongst its community. As the game grows and attracts competitive players, how Embark Studios responds to this feedback and improves the audio experience will be critical to its longevity and standing in the FPS genre. Players remain hopeful that updates will bring the game’s audio quality up to par with its otherwise thrilling gameplay and dynamic arenas.

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