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Living in the UK it can sometimes feel impossible to have any contact with sunshine over the winter months. Fewer daylight hours coupled with an often cloudy sky means we see a lot less of the sun compared to in the summer.

While this may only last a few months, it is enough time to cause potential damage to our health. Sunlight is our main source of vitamin D, a nutrient needed to keep our bones and muscles healthy.

Although you can take vitamin D in supplement form, going out and seeking sunlight during the winter could help give you a much needed boost. Luckily to do so you don’t need to look any further than Spain.

Holiday rental site Holidu has compiled a list of the European cities where sun is almost guaranteed. Using data from World Weather Online, it revealed that Europe’s sunniest city is Alicante.

A port city on the southeastern Costa Blanca, Alicante gets an average of 349 hours of sun every month. This is significantly more than in the UK, where in July we only get around 219 hours of sun.

Holidu explained: “It’s official – Alicante is the sunniest city in Europe!

“With an average of 349 hours of sun per month, Alicante is the ultimate destination for sun-seeking travellers.”

Not only is it a sunny locale, but it offers warm temperatures, with an average over the year of 19C.

It also boasts a variety of attractions, with great beaches, watersports, nightlife, food and culture.

“The city is known for its stunning Costa Blanca coastline, offering expansive public beaches where you can soak up the sun on the sand or take to the water and try your hand at some watersports,” Hildu said.

“As if the sunny climate wasn’t enough, Alicante is a gorgeous city in its own right.

“Boasting a colourful old town, an abundance of museums and historical sites, a variety of excellent restaurants and a vibrant nightlife scene, Alicante has something to offer all kinds of travellers.”

Visit Spain describes Alicante as one of the “most important tourist destinations” in eastern Spain.

“The many golf courses and the calm waters of the Mediterranean are just some of the attractions offered by this beautiful port city located at the foot of the Castle of Santa Barbara, a silent witness to the numerous civilizations that have passed through it,” it says.

History lovers will enjoy visiting the Santa Barbara fortress, which sits on top of Mount Benacantil.

From there you can expect “panoramic views” of the city and coastline. At the foot of the fortress is the beautiful old walled city, made up of a network of narrow streets.

If the coast is more your thing, the city’s beach El Postiguet is the “perfect spot” to enjoy the sea and the sun.

And the Explanada de España is a “lively” boulevard along the harbour with lots of outdoor seating areas, restaurants and bars.

According to Holidu, the top six sunniest spots in Europe were all found within Spain and Italy.

Catania in Italy took second place with 347 monthly hours of sun, while Murcia in Spain was third with 345 hours.

Nice in France was seventh, with 342 hours of sunlight.

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