These massive Lego Fortnite builds are breathtaking – and one even flies!


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Putting together Lego and Fortnite was always going to be one of the biggest brewing point for gamers with creative ideas when the shooter spin-off was recently launched, but already we’ve seen some incredible creations come out as a result of the game. Two more of those have now come to light, with two members of the Lego Fortnite subreddit showing off their enormous and creative builds to the community at large this week.

The first of these comes via GingerJay1991 who shared some awesome shots of this massive Lego Fortnite Battleship build they’ve made. The amazing creation, which the OP says is still a work in progress, sits proudly on the ocean, and has gotten plenty of praise from fellow members of the Lego Fortnite community. “OMG this is insane!” correctly summarizes Osprey6767 as the first comment. Excitingly, the OP teases that there’s still more to see. “It’s only gonna get better,” they say, teasing to show off the interior later.

“Did you use mods?” asks Philotrpesis, to which GingerJay1991 responds in the negative, claiming it’s “just a lot of trial and error.” The creator also reveals that the build has taken then 12 hours so far, and they stream their creative process over on their Twitch channel.

GingerJay1991’s talents don’t stop at the sea either – as they also showed off their impressive build of a working plane in Lego Fortnite. Not only is it perfectly suspended in the air, but the interior even comes complete with dining section, passenger seating and more – the video truly has to be seen to be believed, and the level of detail is incredible.

GingerJay1991 explains how they got this machine to fly. “For now I just put a switch on top and add a ballon to the left or right if me to steer, a slight tip of the wings makes it turn! The elevation can be adjusted by adding a ballon infront of you to go up, or no ballon to go straight, sadly no landing unless you remove indoor hidden balloons, but I don’t want it near the ground anyway hahha.”

Regardless, it’s an amazing feat of engineering which we can only salute. We can’t wait to see what they’ve got in store next. In the meantime, check out our tips on LEGO Fortnite: How to Build Spinning Wheel in Survival World or our guide to the LEGO Fortnite build limit – What is it and how to avoid it?

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