This brand new limited-time game mode is coming to The Finals tomorrow


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A new update is set to kick down the doors of Embark Studios’ The Finals, and in addition to bringing in several gameplay changes, its first limited-time game mode called ‘Solo Bank It’ will also be added as part of the patch. Though details remain scarce on what its gameplay and setting will be like, Solo Bank It’s title seems to be self-explanatory: you, along with several other players, drop into the arena to compete, complete cashouts, and, ultimately, win the match.

It’s also worth noting that since this limited-time game mode could have a much faster pace than typical matches, you could grind out The Finals career rewards much quicker. Of course, this is still merely speculation, so you’ll have to wait until Embark Studios releases the upcoming patch tomorrow to learn more about Solo Bank It. Thankfully, the developer’s brief clip showcasing the new mode and some of the changes they’ll be introducing can give you an idea of what to expect beforehand.

The Finals update 1.5.0 adds new limited-time game mode

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Embark Studios attached a clip teasing the new limited-time offering and the new feature additions they’ll include as part of update 1.5.0. According to the brief video, the patch will introduce the new solo game mode mentioned above, new outfits, quality-of-life fixes, and more.

The new limited-time solo game mode, Solo Bank It, will pit you against 11 other players as each one vies to earn the most cash in the match. Now, since this is only a limited-time event, you’ll only be able to experience this game mode for a certain period. Unfortunately, it’s currently unclear when Embark Studios will remove it since they’ve yet to release it officially. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as soon as they’ve confirmed it.

While you wait for Embark Studios to launch The Finals update 1.5.0 and its new limited-time game mode, check out our pages on how to use arena carriables in The Finals, The Finals battle pass rewards list, and how to add and invite friends in The Finals.

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