This fan-made next-gen GTA Vice City is the remaster players deserve


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Following the revamped Grand Theft Auto Trilogy’s widely panned release in early 2023, a few fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate the then-critically acclaimed GTA Vice City using an engine based on GTA 4’s modern RAGE Engine. As you can expect, the result is a much smoother and more polished project, undeniably making it the remaster that fans should have been given instead of the less-than-definitive versions Rockstar released nearly a year earlier.

With the GTA 6 release date still a ways off, Revolution Team’s reimagining of Vice City would undoubtedly be welcomed by the series’ ever-nostalgic fan base to make the long wait slightly more bearable. Entitled GTA Vice City Nextgen Edition, the development team behind the remaster revealed their project through a brief clip showcasing Tommy Vercetti and the game’s sunny setting in all its classic, blocky glory.

Aside from revealing what their version of a remaster could potentially look like, Revolution Team stated that “this mod is a complete transfer of all missions from the original game.” In addition, it would also include an improved version of the city and weapons from the Definitive Edition, all cars, character models, and pedestrians from the Xbox edition, all original radio stations, cut scenes from and designs in the style of the original game, and eye-catching neon building signs from Vice City Stories.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear when the developers plan on releasing this Nextgen Edition, as production seemingly only began towards the end of 2023. However, the team constantly announces updates on their Telegram channel, which you can follow to stay in the loop. Of course, we will also be posting more information once they’ve confirmed it, so stay tuned.

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