Female Electricians: What Specific Projects You Find Particularly Rewarding?


Female Electricians

Electrical work is a highly skilled trade that requires an analytical bent of mind as well as the physical capacity to perform challenging tasks. Traditionally, males have dominated this field, but female electricians are becoming increasingly common. They are serving as powerful role models that inspire a new generation of women to pursue their careers in the trades.

According to the National Taskforce on Tradeswomen’s Issues, various impediments prevent women from pursuing careers in the trades. These barriers include a lack of visibility, exclusionary unions, and insufficient childcare options. However, some women who have successfully become electricians are working tirelessly to combat stereotypes and encourage others to follow in their footsteps.

Cora Saxton, an female electricians with GRID Alternatives, says that she regularly experiences misogyny on the job, including being overlooked by male coworkers. She cites this as one of the most frustrating aspects of her career, but she remains committed to her work. She loves the “physical results of her labor,” as well as the puzzle-solving aspect of the work.

Female Electricians: What Specific Projects You Find Particularly Rewarding?

Another barrier is the assumption that women are not physically suited to this profession. Often, electrical workers must reach into tight spaces that are inaccessible to larger men. Women who have a smaller frame may find that they are better equipped for certain types of work. However, it’s important to remember that no matter your physical stature, you can still be a successful electrician.

For Rose, the most rewarding projects are those that involve helping people. She says that she often has clients approach her with their daughters, hoping to talk to them about the trade so that they can be role models. She also finds it satisfying to help other women enter the industry by encouraging them to join a union and attend technical school.

Despite the obstacles that women face, they are continuing to break down stereotypes and prove that they can do anything that men can. In the future, it is likely that women will make up an even greater percentage of skilled trades workers. This is good news for the entire industry. The diversity of perspectives that women bring to the trades will improve problem-solving and promote innovation. Additionally, a workforce that includes both men and women will be more capable of meeting the needs of a diverse client base.

The success of female electricians is inspiring a new generation of women to consider careers in the trades. As more and more women join the industry, they can serve as powerful role models and encourage young girls to choose a path that is both personally and professionally rewarding. In addition to being a great way to earn a living, becoming a skilled trades worker offers many other benefits, including the ability to work with your family and enjoy flexible scheduling. To learn more about a career as an electrician, contact IEC Greater Cincinnati. Our experienced team can help you start your journey into this rewarding profession!

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