Fortnite Reload Chapter 2 concept highlights the need for rotating maps


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Fortnite Reload unexpectedly dropped with the 30.20 update and no one saw it coming. The new mini Battle Royale mode pits 40 players against each other in either Duos or Squads, with Trios coming soon. This new faster-paced mode has been a huge hit with players and has even caused the core Battle Royale mode to experience its lowest player count since stats were made public.

Prominent Fortnite leaker FitzyLeakz has created a concept for a Fortnite Reload Chapter 2 map, bringing many of its iconic POIs onto a smaller map. POIs such as Sweaty Sands, Misty Meadows, Slurpy Swamp, and Lazy Lake are present as well as iconic locations such as the lighthouse. If Epic Games ever reads this, can you add Holly Hedges to the map too? I miss that POI, please, and thank you.

Image via @FitzyLeakz

This isn’t the first map concept that we have seen for Fortnite Reload, with other players creating their own maps using various locations from the Chapter 1 map such as Paradise Palms, as well as Mega City from Chapter 4. With so many great concepts being designed within the first week or so of the mode being available, it does show a demand for the mode to be treated as a core mode, and one way to do this is by rotating the maps.

With the Fortnite Reload map being fairly small, there isn’t as much to explore when compared to the regular Battle Royale maps. This will mean that players will likely become bored of the current map fairly quickly despite it bringing back many iconic Chapter 1 POIs. Leaks have suggested that we could see the map evolve in a similar manner to the Fortnite OG season that saw the Chapter 1 map go from Season 5 to X in a matter of a month prior to the launch of Chapter 5.

Epic Games created this new mode in just one month in UEFN, which seems to be acting as a testing ground before moving the core Battle Royale mode to UEFN too. With the team able to create a new map so quickly, it would be great to see more Chapters and Seasons in the spotlight with many more mini Battle Royale maps being released. But, rather than removing the previous map permanently like we see in Battle Royale, putting them into regular rotations would be a great way to add variety and keep players engaged. This could be either done on a weekly basis or even have a map randomly selected when players jump into the mode.

It will be interesting to see what the future of Fortnite Reload is once Epic Games returns from summer break, but there is still plenty of content to keep players occupied while we wait for the next update. Metallica has currently taken over Fortnite Festival Season 4 with 11 songs in the mode and the legendary metal band holding a concert event. Epic Games is also bringing Pirates of the Caribbean collaboration to the game on July 19th which will add Captain Jack Sparrow to Fortnite along with a mini Battle Pass.

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