Qantas Flight Bound for Brisbane U-Turns to Auckland Airport with Engine Problem


Yesterday New Zealand standard time, a Qantas flight bound for Brisbane u-turned back to Auckland Airport amid an engine problem onboard.

Information has been released pertinent to this incident, which we will get into in this piece.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…

Qantas QF120 – Auckland Airport to Brisbane…

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The Qantas Boeing 737-800 involved in the engine problem incident onboard QF120 between Auckland Airport and Brisbane.
Photo Credit: Charlie Carter/AviationSource

Qantas flight QF120, which suffered the engine problem, is a routine scheduled flight between Auckland Airport and Brisbane.

The aircraft involved in the incident was VH-VZH.

As per data from, VH-VZH is a 14.8 year old Boeing 737-800 that was delivered to the airline in October 2009.

New Zealand carrier Jetconnect operated the aircraft for the Australian carrier until March 2018, when it was handed back to the mainline carrier.

Furthermore, of the 737-800 variant, Qantas has 75 of them in their fleet.

Of that 75, all but five are in active service, with an average fleet age of 16.2 years.

As well as the 737-800 variant, the mainline QF fleet has the following aircraft in their fleet:

  • 26 Airbus A330 Family aircraft.
  • 10 Airbus A380s.
  • 14 Boeing 787 Dreamliner Family aircraft.

Qantas flight QF120 departed Auckland Airport (AKL) at 0615 local time on July 1 and initially climbed out towards Brisbane.

However, during the crossing between the two airports, the aircraft made a u-turn back to the Kiwi airport.

From there, the aircraft made a series of deviations before eventually landing into AKL at 0930 local time.

As per The Aviation Herald, it is understood the cause for this u-turn for the Brisbane-bound flight was due to a engine problem.

There are no specifics about the particular issue at hand, but crew received an indication of a potential issue.

Maintenance Turned Around The Fix Very Quickly…

Photo Credit: Charlie Carter/AviationSource

Once Qantas flight QF120 touched back down in Auckland, the aircraft was met by maintenance technicians.

The aviation safety outlet notes that the issue was fixed within three hours, before the 737-800 was allowed to head on to Brisbane (BNE).

QF120 departed Auckland Airport at 1211 local time and landed into BNE at 1401 local time the same day.

No additional issues have been reported with the aircraft, and it has operated the following sectors since:

  • QF6111 – Brisbane to Sydney.
  • QF743 – Sydney to Adelaide.

Later today local time, it is expected to operate the QF730 service to Sydney from Adelaide.

With the other two flights performing as expected, the upcoming service is expected to do the same.

Therefore, it is assumed that the issue at hand suffered yesterday has been fully fixed by maintenance crews.

As soon as we have more information pertinent to this incident, then we will update you accordingly.

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