Rolls-Royce electrifies Indian Market with Spectre launch at Rs 7.5 crore


“From lawyers and doctors to tech billionaires and business people, our customer list is very wide…They are very knowledgeable. They know about their cars and they also know exactly what they want in their car…Geographically, sales are coming from all across India. It is not only the tier 1 cities now,” said Kapur.

Rolls-Royce has three showrooms in India- Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Its best-selling models here include the Ghost and the Cullinan SUV. The carmaker will increase its dealership network after growing further in the Indian market.

Addressing the challenges in the market, Kapur said the only concern they have is currency depreciation (INR) which affects car prices in India. The other worry is about the government increasing taxes. At present, these expensive machines which are imported as completely built units, attract a 200% customs duty.

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